Physical DescriptionEdit

Blaayne is a very sturdy and well built muscular Warlock. He is 30 years old. He is about 6ft tall and weighs around 210 lbs. He has long spiky black hair which is tied into a black spiky ponytail. He has pale skin, green glowing eyes, long black eyebrows, pointy nose and a small black goatee. He likes to dress in black robes or anything dark.


Blaayne is an arrogant and stubborn Warlock with a bit of an ego problem. He believes he will find an alternate source of magic for the Blood Elves since the Sunwell’s destruction. He believes he will find it before Kael’thas does. He is very cruel to his enemies as a warlock and usually has them lying on the ground crying for mercy before they even touch him. He will then finish them off with an immolate spell and watch them burn into a black crisp or he will let his void walker, Kal’nar, beat them to a pulp and torment them to death. He is currently harvesting demonic powers for himself and seems to be quite addicted to it. When around his family and his fellow Blood Elves he is seen as a great guy with a great heart.


Blaayne comes from a strict family of Warlocks. Him, his father, Blaze, and his two older brothers, Sha’doe and Shayde, are all destruction warlocks known for their cruelty with fire and shadow. Blaayne has left his home in Silvermoon to become the warlock lord he has always wanted to be. When that time comes he will be known as Lord Blaayne. He has a wife, Mag’thera, a mage with excellence in frost as if it were in her blood. He also has a son named, Etho, who is still discovering his path.

Blaayne is secretly running a warlock society in a deep trench in Undercity which he calls the Flaming Shadow. He works with Undead and Orc warlocks to harvest demonic power and secretly teaches the way of the warlock to quite a few trolls of the Darkspear and Raventusk tribes and a few Tauren as well. Blaayne is currently looking for a felhound that will be to his liking for torture of his enemies and is also traveling and harvesting demonic power for himself so he can be the warlock lord he desperately wants to be.

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