Physical DescriptionEdit

Blakke is a young and attractive Blood Elf hunter around the age of 17. He is very skilled with the bow and very accurate with his arrows. He has short brown spiky hair, long brown eye brows, green glowing eyes and tan skin. He is about 5’9” and weighs around 140 lbs.


Blakke is a charming Blood Elf and knows how to treat the female Blood Elves with respect. He is really admired by some of the females even at the age of 17. He often flirts with older females and sometimes ones that are a little younger then him to show off. Blakke likes to show off his skills with the bow and his very quick thrusts with his polearm. Blakke is well trained in the ways of the beast as a hunter and is aided by his trustful companion, Ghost, a young wolf from Mulgore. Blakke is often sad inside because of a recent tragedies but does not show it.


Blakke was left orphaned at the age of 12 after the Scourge destroyed the Sunwell and slaughtered his parents. After that he and his older sister, Jade who was 20 at the time took refuge with a young arcane mage named, Elian who was 25 at the time. Blakke and Jade continued to live with Elian for 5 years when Jade and Elian mysteriously disappeared. Jade and Elian were sort of into each other and Elian was determine to study more about a mage at Dalaran along with Jade who was also a mage but Blakke thinks that is not where they are since Dalaran is now a pink bubble and in the process of moving to Northrend. So Blakke has set out with his pet wolf, Ghost, to learn his way with the beast and be a better skilled hunter and to find Jade and Elian.

Blakke was never really skilled with the magic arts. Only skilled enough to use hunter techniques. He got that trait from his mother, Jadera, who was a Rogue and had no skill with magic. He did get his small magic ability from his father, Blakers, who was a paladin. Blakke was named after his father and his sister was named after their mother.

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