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Physical DescriptionEdit

Mattarin is a excellent skilled warrior with, what seems to be, never ending stamina. He is a young matured Tauren bull at the age of 20. He is about 8ft tall and weighs around 425 lbs. He has white horns that point forward and are extremely sharp and well maintained with no cracks or splits and both ends are intact. He has two braids hanging down from his mane and a long braided goatee on his chin. He also has gold nose ring on his nose he often twidles with. He also has black hooves which have maintained excellent condition despite his long travels and battles and are still sturdy enough to stomp his enemies into the ground.


Like most Tauren, Mattarin is soft-spoken and at one with nature. He is also jealous of other more attractive bulls and random and very sarcastic and likes to flirt, especially with female Blood Elves. He has a thing for seeing an attractive female Blood Elf in plate, mail or leather armor and is fond of female paladins, hunters and rogues. He does not trust the male Blood Elves and believes something bad may happen to the Horde or all of Azeroth because of them and is not unaware of this because of their distracting charming good looks. Mattarin also does not trust the Forsaken and their plan to eliminate all humanity, which, to him, might mean every race on Azeroth or just the Humans. Mattarin has great honor for the Horde and likes to show it. He admires Thrall and thinks he was the right choice for Warchief. He also admires Cairne Bloodhoof for allying with the Horde and the direction he is leading the Tauren. He likes to show his undying honor for the Horde by fighting in Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin and occasionally Eye of the Storm. Mattarin does not like anyone of the Alliance and thinks they are a bunch of stuck up snobs. He thinks if the Alliance was not like that then maybe there would be a chance for peace on Azeroth and they can ally together and defeat the Burning Legion for good. He really doesn’t trust any of the races of the Alliance to change because the Humans have a nature to fight, the Dwarves are too drunk, the Gnomes are too busy tinkering away, the Draenie are too new and suspicious to them and he blames the Night Elves for all the problems on Azeroth because it was their fault their Burning Legion came. His family does have some friends with the Dwarves and some of their hunting parties but he has not heard from them since he was a young calf. Mattarin would like to help and defeat Illidan, Kael’Thas and the Lich King to make Azeroth a better place. Mattarin is a fan of two handed weapons, mostly axes and does not like using shields. He likes to look fierce and intimidating to his enemies. He likes to relax and rest in Mulgore, The Barrens, Stranglethorne Vale and Nagrand, where he is at eternal peace with nature. Mattarin enjoys riding on his black war raptor named Monty and his blue wyvern named Neal and plans to tame an Amani War Bear real soon.


Mattarin was born from a family in the Grimtotem tribe in the Thousand Needles. As he got older he met Cairne once, when he confronted Magatha Grimtotem, and he wanted to join the rest of his brother Tauren in the Horde ever since. He did not like the way the Grimtotem tribe was going and admired Cairne for his decisions. One night he left his family and fellow tribesman in the Thousand Needles and left for Mulgore to pledge his honor with Cairne and proof himself to the rest of the Tauren. He arrived in Red Cloud Mesa in Mulgore the next morning and helped Chief Hawkwind find his lost mother and eradicate the quillboars from the Brambleblade Ravine. He then set out for Bloodhoof Village and began to work under Cairne’s son Baine Bloodhoof. He helped cleanse the moonwells and help drive out the Venture Company and some Dwarf archeologists. He then was sent to Cairne to tell him of his success and his honor for the Tauren and how we wanted to proof himself to the rest of the Horde. So Cairne sent him to the Barrens to work with Orcs, Trolls and other Tauren at the Crossroads. While fighting the Venture Co. he met a young Troll Shaman named Wala and together the drove out the Venture Co. from Mulgore and traveld together all the way until Thousand Needles where they eventually lost touch. Mattarin continued to prove himself to the Horde by helping out in the Barrens. On the way to the Barrens he was attacked by a thunder lizard and was almost killed. He made his way to Camp Taurajo where he was taken care of and made his way to the Crossroads. He helped out there and told of his progess to Thrall who was proud of Mattarin. Mattarin also fought against his own tribe a few times, the Grimtotem, and feels bad he had to slaughter his old fellow tribesman but knew it had to be done for safety of the Tauren. Mattarin also traveld with an Orc Warrior named Charomi but lost touch with him after going to Zul’Farrak a few times. Ever since then Mattarin has traveled on his own and helped out at dungeons when needed. He currently resides in Orgrimmar.

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