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Mourningsong new hair one

Mourningsong as she is today.

Millicent Mourningsong Edit

Full Name: Millicent "Millie" Rose Mourningsong
Guild: Unshackled
Race: Undead, Female
Class: Rogue
Specialty: Subtlety
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Age: 16 at time of dead, 18 now.
Birthplace: Brill
Height: 5'5" when standing up straight
Weight: 117 lbs.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance Edit

Before Death Edit

Millie Rose still

Millie Mourningsong before death

Millicent Mourningsong had always been an average-looking girl. She was born with a complexion so pale that her class-mates often teased her and told her she was nearly transparent. She had dark burgundy-brown hair that fell to the tips of her small breasts.

She wore it mostly pulled back in a tight ponytail whether she was going to a dance or just mucking out the horses' stalls on a warm day. She wasn't what anyone would call a high maintenance girl by any degree of imagination.

She had a small group of friends, two girls and one boy, whose parents had grown up together. They were close-knit almost to the point of secrecy and exclusion. When she did anything or went to any type of social event it was sure to be with one of them.

Millicent, or Millie as her friends called her, suffered from a almost crippling case of shyness that's been with her since early childhood. Her parents had always hoped that she would outgrow this and perhaps find a nice boy in another village to marry, but it seems that their hopes would be fated to be dashed. Both for the bashfulness of their daughter and that she would ever marry.

She was also somewhat of an insomniac and would often wile away the night hours on some task or other such as knitting, stitching, writing letters or working on mediocre etchings in the notepad she kept near her bedside for journaling. She had pretty much the same hopes and wishes as any teenage girl of any era and would often write in her journal when nothing else seemed to soothe her to sleep.

After Death Edit

Her complexion is still as pale as ever, except now it's even more sallow. She isn't as far-gone as some of the other Forsaken she's seen and still has most of her before-death memories, even, though she wished with all her might that the case was different, those she'd much rather have forgotten. She doesn't recall much of her own demise only that it wasn't the plague that took her as it had her friends and family.

She knows she died violently, but the details are hazy. She doesn't sleep much, but will sit and daydream often and those moments are when the flashes of images from the nightmares are most vivid and clear.

Most of her hair fell out after death and what's left has turned a dark purple tinge and hangs about her face in disarray. She wears a constance expression of confusion and hurt as though she's waiting for someone to pull back the curtains and exclaim "Surprise!" and explain this horrible jest that's obviously been played on her. She introduces herself to people, when she feels like it, as just Mourningsong.

Her first name, whether she remembers it or not, seems lost to her. She will not answer to anything but her surname and feels that the girl would had, once upon a time, more than one name, died a long time ago. After she was born anew and freed, finally, from the Lich King's control, she decided that one name was good enough. Plus, it was easy to remember and had an echo of the way she felt.

Personality and Current Situation Edit

She comes and goes as she pleases, working odd jobs here and there. Also, for those who have the coin or whatever else she wants or needs at the moment to pay for her services she will find who or what you need or kill who or what you need killed. She has not qualm about seeking an aim to an end as long as that end includes her own comfort and...satisfaction above all else.

She won't kill just for the sake of killing, but rather will weight out whether or not such an act would benefit her in the short or the long run. Of course, once hunger sets in, she isn't above slashing out a good meal or two from those still living who were either unlucky or dumb enough to cross her path.

Her shyness is still a factor but not as bad it was when she was alive. Having died and been brought a semblance of life...seems to have put a lot of things into perspective for little Millie Mourningsong.

Even though she has no regrets about what must be done in order for her to survive, she does not enjoy inflicting undue harm on another being. In her mind, killing and hurting aren't the same and there is a huge different between the two.

Friends and Family Edit

Most of her friends and family are dead from the plague. She hasn't been re-united with any of them so isn't sure if they are merely walking dead without will or if they are truly dead and buried forever. Her older brother's children, twins Henry III and Helena were taken to the Stormwind Orphanage when it was clear that probably everyone in the family would we wiped out by the plague, but she isn't sure if they are even still there or if they were adopted out or if they even made the journey in one piece considering the rumors of the walking dead that had begun to circulate...

Immediate Family Edit

Molly Mourningsong Edit


Molly Mourningsong

Millicent Mourningsong's mother. She had two children, a son, Henry Jr, (named for his father),and her daughter Millicent.

Henry she had when she was still fairly young and didn't really know what she was doing as a wife and mother. As a result of her fear that she would do something wrong, she overcompensated and became overly protective of her son as he grew up. When Henry was fifteen years old his mother began pregnant with his younger sister.

Molly Mourningsong was Molly Hill before she met and married Henry Mourningsong, senior. Her parents were horse breeders and supplied most of the people around Tirisfal as well as soldiers when need be with mounts. The money was steady and well, but she was never what one would call 'from a wealthy family'.

Having no brothers or sisters it was pretty much a given that she, and whoever she would marry, would eventually take over the business. After her parents passed on that is what she did. Though, to be honest, she never did have much of a stomach for the breeding business and allowed her husband to take over most of the hands-on work while she, who had always had a clever mind, stuck to filling out the ledgers at month's end.

Between them, they made a home and family as best they could for their two children, who while not growing up in the lap of luxury, as least grew up reasonably normal and happy. At least, that is how Molly would know and remember those days as she lay on her deathbed some years later. The plague which swept through the lands like a chaotic hurricane, taking everything and everyone in it's path came when she was already getting on in years.

Her hair has shorn short to her ears and had long since turned a silvery hue. The lines criss-crossing her face were only partially due to the laughter she'd shared over the years. Her back was bent more often than straight and she would rather spend the day in her favourite chair watching the birds eat the scattered seed upon the ground in front of her house than squint for hours in a dim room over a musty book of numbers.

When her eyesight began to fail her she handed the books for the family business over to her son, who, while not as bright as his mother were numbers were concerned, did know basically enough to kept them out of debt. Molly wished Henry would show more of an interest in the business, but for him, she feared, it was only going to be a means to an ends and not the exciting, joyful project that reminded her of her parents' memory as it was to his mother.

Molly, though young and inexperienced when she married and had Henry, grew through the raising of her children and as a wife into a very sweet and loving grandmotherly-type woman. She had taken to baking after Henry was grown and had moved from the house and would often try to coax Millicent into learning elaborate recipes with her. She succumbed to the ravishes of both time and the plague when Millicent was sixteen years old. Only a few weeks before Millicent herself met her untimely demise.

Henry Mourningsong Sr Edit

Henry father

Henry Mourningsong Sr

Henry Alan Mourningsong was the husband of Molly Mourningsong and the father of Henry Jr and Millicent. He was what one would have called a rover once upon a time ago. He traveled from town to town performing odd jobs for the townfolk or even sleight of hand tricks with cards and cups to the amusement of those who didn't mind giving up the odd coin whether they knew it or not.

He saw Molly Hill in a crowd of spectators watching one of his shows and knew in that instant that he was going to marry her. She was the most breathtaking vision of a girl he'd ever laid eyes on. In that moment he decided then and there that if whatever higher being there was would strike up a deal with him to allow him to court and woe and then win the young lady with the beautiful brown hair and tender-pale complexion that he would forever plant his boots and lay down his hat.

He would end his nights and days of travel and carousing. He swore to become a decent, law-abiding family man. Henry Mourningsong was a lot of things in those days; a thief, a sneak, a liar, a vagabond. But, going back on his word once it was given was not in his code of ethics, and yes, as unlikely as it may seem, he did have a code of ethics. So, after a very long and heated courtship in which not only did have to win the approval and love of the beautiful Molly, (for now he knew her name), Hill but the approval and, if not love, than the acceptance, of her parents as well.

They had a small wedding when Molly was three months pregnant with their firstborn, which they would later name Henry Jr. Though, only Molly's parents know the truth about their grandson being in the womb before his parents were married. In their minds as long as he didn't come out before the wedding everything was still good.

Henry was good to his word about leaving his old behind, but after Henry was grown, (and it had always been clear that father and son hadn't the slightest thing in common other than both working to keep Molly's family's horse business a float), and Millicent was going on her tenth year did Henry discover his daughter's hidden talents. Talents which caused him no little amount of joy in seeing that at least he could connect and relate to one of his children in some way.

Because they would be frowned upon in most circles, Henry kept his lessons with his daughter a secret, but he passed on everything he knew about the art of trickery and pick-pocketing, cards and other such aspects of his old life. He wasn't sure if she picked it up because she was talented or because she was his daughter, but he didn't really care in the long run.

In the long run, those hours spent with Millie practicing filching tactics on make-shift scare-crow dummies in the barn wearing coats sewn of pockets or teaching her his best get-away techniques were hours of quality father-daughter time he wouldn't trade for the world. Henry died a few days before his wife, Molly, having contracted the disease from some unknown source. He would be thinking of those days when his last breath came.

Henry Mourningsong Jr Edit

Henry son

Henry Mourningsong Jr.

Henry Mourningsong Jr was what is commonly referred to a "happy accident" when his mother, Molly, discovered she was pregnant with him three months before her wedding. Because of the scandal that would have no doubt occurred, this little fact was kept hidden from all but the closest relatives. Namely, Molly's parents and beau were the only ones to know about her delicate condition.

He was born when his mother was seventeen years old, which many say is plenty old enough to marry and breed and others claim is still yet a babe in arms. At any rate, whether she wanted to or not, Henry's mother had no choice but to turn aside her own childhood to grow up and rear and raise her firstborn.

From the first it was clear that Henry Jr was no genius. Oh, he wasn't a dunce, of course, but neither was he award-winning mental material. Later on, after their daughter was born, Molly tried to teach him complicated equations in the hopes that he would take a liking to math and numbers the same as she. The way she thought, if her daughter seemed to be taking after her husband than logically their son would take after her. No such luck.

Even though he never enjoyed working on the ledgers of the family horse breeding business, he was the only one to pass the business on to since Millie never showed much of an interest either in the business aspect or in working personally with the horses. Henry Jr took to the horses more than anyone in the family and would often remind Molly of her own father and the way he handled them, with love and care and true joy. So, even though her son didn't take after her, she could see a lot of his grandfather in him.

Henry met and married Esma Jane Crawford when he was eighteen years old. The young couple moved in with the Mourningsong's and soon were expecting a little bundle of joy of their own. Soon, it was clear that the house, while not small, was still clearly not large enough for the growing Mourningsong clan. Especially when Esma's bundle of joy ended up being two squirming, screaming bundles of joy. Henry Jr, with the help of his family, kept the horse business going as well as provided for his wife and children for as long as he was able.

After the plague came and his wife fell ill, and as he watched the members of his family one by one breath their last due to the sickness, he knew it was only a matter of time before he too came down with whatever it was that was slowly killing everyone he knew and loved. Though no genius, Henry Jr was smart enough to realize that he must find a suitable home for his twins before it was too late.

The little ones, Helena and Henry III, were only five years old when the sickness took their fraternal grandmother and grandfather. Their father began writing letters a vast to every place he could think of across the ocean where the plague hadn't touched inquiring into possible care for his youngsters. Soon he received word from an Orphanage matron in Stormwind that there were beds free in her establishment.

When he read this, he didn't wait much longer but sent the little ones in the care of a hired nanny, one who was still healthy of course, to the awaiting Matron of Stormwind Orphanage. It was a sad parting, but one that he knew must take place if he had any hope at all of his children surviving.

His younger sister Millie was the only one still alive when he said good-bye to his babies, but his children's aunt was still much too young to help care for the twins. The way things were going, he was certain that the illness would take both of them before the month was out anyway. A hard, sad fact of life.

The fact that it wasn't the plague that took his little sister but something far worse never even crossed his mind and he was at least, albeit perhaps even a little selfishly, happy that he didn't have to die alone as his sister sat near his bedside dampening his brow with a cloth. He died late in the night and Millie had to find help from nearby neighbors, ones who were still strong enough to stand and work, in order to bury him in the plot next to her parents.

Friends Edit

These are names of the friends Mourningsong had when she was a living teenage girl. She doesn't know the whereabouts of any of them. She thinks that they all passed away from the plague but isn't a hundred percent certain. She knows that she had a special liking for Stephen and seems to recall him mentioning traveling to Stormwind to attend training as a warrior but isn't sure if this might have been before or after people began to fall sick.

Lavender Garnett Edit


Lavender Garnett

Lavender Garnett

Lavender Garnett was the only child of Gertie and Owen Garnett. They ran a semi-successful flower and herb shop on the outskirts of Dustwallow Marsh. The swampy ground and moist air was perfect for most of the plants they grew. Their herbs were often sought after and bought by local apothecaries in need of medicinal plants for their concoctions and their flowers, which bloomed in a variety of species and colors through-out the flowering months, were sold by the dozen to would-be lovers, wedding coordinators and repentant husbands.

As she grew, Lavender, as most only children do on occasion, would long for a sibling and resented her parents for the longest time their choice of only having one child in order to better concentrate on the flower and herb shop. After a while she came to realize that some of the privileges she was accustomed to she probably would have had to do without if she'd had to share everything her parents acquired with another child.

Oh, was she ever privileged!

Whispers behind hands at the market spoke of how spoiled the Garnet lass had become. Lavender was given, if not the best, than just about as good as her folks could afford, of everything. She grew up in a very lax household were rules and regulations were concerned and was allowed, from the age of ten, to come and go as she pleased and to see whomever she fancied.

Undoubtedly, Gertie and Owen were relieved when Lavender proved to be more than capable from an early age of seeing to her own wants and needs, (for they were parents who really didn't want the actual task of having to raise a child), so they could focus most, if not all, their attention on their flower and herb shop.

Lavender met Millie Mourningsong through her parents' childhood friends; Henry and Molly Mourningsong. Gertie and Owen had known Henry and Molly since they were all a quartet of self-absorbed fresh in love teenagers, and had vowed, as children are wont to do, to stay friends ever after. Now, years later and sporting their own families, the four old friends would get together once a week, on the Day of Rest and share a meal or a picture of berry juice and reminisce about the past by and gone.

Lavender and Millie, who were only a few years apart in age, with Lavender being the older, got along instantly the first time they met at one of their parents' little Rest Day get-togethers.

Perhaps it was Lavender's natural need to be a leader and Millicent's urge to follow someone who seemed to know what they were about that brought them together like two halves of a broken shell. Lavender was the one who introduced Millie to herbs in the first place and planted the seed, if you will, of her future occupation...

Olive Jamison Edit


Olive Jamison

Olive Jamison

Coming soon!

Stephen Vine Edit


Stephen Vine

Stephen Vine

Coming soon!

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