Physical DescriptionEdit

Nagrand is greenish yellow in color. About 6 ft tall and 225 lbs. He has black wavy hair and has a long braided beard on his chin. He looks very shamanistic.


Nagrand is real young looking and very quite. He has not been around too many Orcs to meet any. He likes challenges and honoring the Horde and the Orcs. He is very loving in nature and loves too many things. He is easily attached to some things. If he was able to he could be attached to a rock.


Nagrand is finally old enough to help out in the Horde and is still currently training in the ways of the Shaman in Durotar. He left his mother in Orgrimmar and currently lives in Razor Hill. His mother, Oogra, was once a fierce warrior who fought in the 2nd and 3rd wars on Azeroth. She once journeyed to the Outlands and ended up in Nagrand where she found some brown orcs, that now she knows no one knew of and never said anything once she returned to Orgrimmar. While with the brown orcs she met a sweet, charming, and mysterious brown orc shaman. She never new his name but he said he came from a place where there this always peace and no war which lead her to believe he was somehow from a distant future. One thing lead to another and the two made love. The next morning the male brown orc was gone. She went back to Orgrimmar and within a few months she noticed she was pregnant. Soon she gave birth a health male orc and wanted to name him after his father but she never learned his name so she named him after the place she met him, Nagrand. If the mysterious brown orc was from the future, Oogra believed Nagrand is the one to bring peace to Azeroth. Most of the other orcs think Oogra is crazy and don’t believe in Nagrand and sort of shun him and say there will never be peace on Azeroth unless the Humans and the Burning Legion are defeated. Nagrand wants to meet his father more than anything so he chose the path of a shaman and hopes to connect with him somehow with the force of the elements.

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