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Physical DescriptionEdit

Ryley is a young female Blood Elf priest. Ryley is 18 years old. She has brown hair that is tied up into a tight pony tail, long brown eye brows, green glowing eyes and pale skin. She is around 5’7 and weighs 95lbs and is very frail. She is very attractive and has a nice scent that comes from her.


Ryley is very quite and keeps to herself and sometimes stubborn and very confident in herself. She is very independent and often feels awkward and uncomfortable around people. She is very feminine and likes to look and feel pretty. She currently wears blue overalls over a long sleeve dark silk shirt and brown cloth boots. Overalls are her favorite clothing to wear. She also likes to do activities that most female Blood Elves do not do such as hunting and fishing. In her spare time she likes to fish, make clothing out of different cloth she finds and likes to collect flowers to sell.


She was born after the 3rd war and witnessed the Scourge marching through the Ghostlands into Eversongwoods and leaving a black burned trail behind them. Sometime later, from her home on the shore of the Eversong, her family and her saw a bright yellow explosion from the island off Eversong and knew right away the Sunwell had been lost. Then her dad, Ryle also a blood elf priest, said they must leave Eversong. So her mom, Danara, and her brother, Ethan went with their father to the boat docks and as soon as the boarded, Ryle quickly pushed the boat off and said he will stay and help out with the injured blood elves. That was the last time Ryley ever saw her father. They sailed all the way to Azshara and stayed with some relatives until it was safe to go back to Eversong. They eventually went back and learned of Ryle’s death but were honored he died for no reason. Ryley eventually set out on her own to find herself and learn to be a better priest. She is currently in the Ghostlands and aiding against the remnants of the Scourge that killed her father and many other blood elves

Ryley comes from a family of many generations of Holy Priests. Unfortunately, Ryley did not like to study the ways of the light. She was more into the shadow aspects of being a priest and decided to take that route in her journey.

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