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Suramar Wiki This will be a site where players of the realm, Suramar, both Horde and Alliance can create wikis for thier characters like you would see on Please create an article about your characters. You can even create wikis for all your alts as well. Please tell any other players you meet on or know on Suramar to create thier own character wikis. Keep Reading.

Please visit the inspiring realm, Earthen Ring's wiki, for some ideas. [[1]].Also if you can please edit this site to look something like thiers so its easier to navigate.

Also please keep to the lore and do not make up stupid stories that would not make sense in the World of Warcraft. For information about WoW lore please visit WoW Wiki[[2]] for lore information. For example, make it like as if you were on a role playing server.

Also if you have any great ideas for the image of this page please edit them. I am not that skilled with computers so i just did what i knew how to do. So if you have any great templates or backgrounds don't be afraid to edit them. If you have any ideas on this site or don't like something i encourage you edit them. It will not bother me at all.

To access other charcters click on the numbered link next to their names in the "Contents" section or click the all pages link also.

To be able to edit you must first create an account with wikia. To add articles for your charcters go the "helping out" section and insert your character name as the title and click the "creat article" button to begin your character page. When you get to the field page make 3 catergories, physical description, personality and history with = sign before and after the catergorie (ex. =history=). Make the text start on the next line after the catergorie title for it to work properly After that, you will go to your main page and then copy you url and come back this main page and click edit and add your character name then paste your url after the name. Put that info in the "Content-Helping Out Column" section on the edit page. Don't forget to activate your url by highlighting the url and click the Ab button which is the 3rd button above the edit field. All that must be done until i find a better way to do it or unless someone changes it which i hope happens. Have Fun!!!!

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